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Discover the ancient treasure Praas™ … with every bite
Treasure Chest
KAZANA Tonic Bar

The word KAZANA originates from ancient India and means ‘treasure’.   Each bar contains the Ayurvedic treasure we call Praas™. This powerful tonic was discovered by the sage Chaywan over 4000 years ago to regain his youth, vigor and vitality. The rejuvenating formula is made from fresh amalaki with 40 herbs and spices.

This light green berry grows on a small tree in the wet forests throughout the Indian subcontinent. Available 6 months per year, we use only fresh, sustainably harvested amalaki. Discover the ancient treasure “Praas™  … with every bite. 

5 Delicious Flavors
· Chai
· Mango Coconut
· Pistachio
· Cocoa Chips
· Cashew Curry

· Satisfies Hunger
· Raw Nuts & Fruits
· Sustained Energy
· Gluten & Soy Free
· Heart Healthy Omega Fats

· Immune Booster
· Stimulates metabolism
· Powerful antioxidant
· Enhances digestion & absorption
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